Hydro Power

Provide complete Control & Protection Systems for Mini & Small-Scale Hydropower Plants. This includes Turbine governing, Machine Protection, Synchronizing, Mains Protection, Transformer protection and Voltage & Power Factor regulation systems.

This system includes PLCs with HMIs. The machine controller realizes all machine-related control and supervision duties. It is also the interface between the single control parts and the turbine controller.

HMI Facilities

  • Machine Representation & Control
  • Power System Overview
  • Auxiliary Power Monitoring
  • User Administration
  • Trend Chart Representation
  • Message System
  • Data Export

Plant Control system supports following operation modes.

  • Manual – Control each part of machine operations by operator over HMI
  • Opening Limitation –  Run Turbine at set wicket gate opening limit on HMI
  • Level Control –  Machine automatically adjust load according to availability of water.
  • Load Control – Machine run at set Load on HMI
  • Revision Mode – Use this mode for calibration & debugging.
  • Island Mode – Run Machine without Grid connection
Provide all switchgear and bus bar systems in Low, Medium and High Voltages together with Power Analysis & Ancillary Systems.

This includes Synchronization breakers & multi-function relays.

The multi-function relay has three functions. These are:

  1. Mains protection
  2. Generator protection
  3. Generator & Mains Synchronization

Main protection features in multi-function relays.

  • Overcurrent protection 50/51/67
  • Inverse Time Overcurrent protection 51V
  • Overload protection 49
  • Unbalanced load protection 46
  • Loss of Excitation protection 40
  • Reverse Power protection 32R
  • Undervoltage protection 27
  • Overvoltage protection 59
  • Frequency protection 81
  • Overexcitation protection 24
  • Stator Earth Fault Protection 59N/64G
  • Differential protection 87
  • Impedance protection 21
  • Instantaneous overcurrent 50N/51N
  • Breaker failure 50BF
  • Trip circuit supervision 74TC
  • Fuse-failure 60FL
  • Vector shift protection 78
  • NVD protection 59 N
Provide complete SCADA solution for mini & small-scale hydro power plants. This includes PC based control and monitoring, Data Analysis, Data and Alarm Logging, Remote controlling & monitoring with Web and mobile applications.

Provide web based Deemed energy measurement system for small hydro projects.

This Includes automatic detection of deemed energy with pre entered status, related data processing and output presentation via web server with downloadable facilities in required data formats like excel, PDF.

This system is already implemented in several small hydro power plants in Uganda & Rwanda & has received necessary approvals from relevant government organizations.